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Aussie Bush Foods Dried Desert Quandong 20g

Aussie Bush Foods Dried Desert Quandong 20g

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The Quandong is a sweet fruit filled with so many nutrients! Containing twice the amount of Vitamin C of an orange, folate, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin E. It has been used as a great substitute as meat because of its high amount of protein. They can be eaten straight from the packet or added to sweet or savoury dishes.


100% dried quandong halves


The quandong has the aroma of dried lentils/beans with an earthy fermented notes. The taste is slightly sour and salty, developing into a subtle, earthy, sweet peach and citrus notes. The fruit is usually dry in texture.

Traditional Name/s

Gudi Gudi, Gorti, Mangata, Wanjanu